Level Up

Become a better manager.

Level up are 1:1 workshops for
managers / leaders / entrepreneurs.

You want to become more efficient in the management of your team?

Accompany it more calmly and reach your personal and collective goals.

You want to develop your expertise and you know that it is a journey.

You know that a leadership role is shaped by experience everyday, but you would like to save time.

That's the target we will reach for together.

Grégoire is an excellent advisor.
I consulted him to rethink my entrepreneurial approach and develop my ideas. Over the weeks we have been able to address various issues (strategy, marketing, presentation) and his advice still serve me today. I recommend him strongly.

Gaël R. - Founder at Services 42

I turn to Grégoire every time I want to bounce my thoughts and ideas about my career. He's a skilled, experienced advisor and does a great job at helping you make visible progress.

John S. - Freelance (developer)

What is it?

Level up is an offer of support for managers and directors. It aims to help them become better and to break the isolation inherent to the function.

Who is it for?

This program is not for everyone but you might be interested if you recognize yourself in any of the descriptions below:

- You are an entrepreneur and you want to talk about the development of your business

- You just got promoted and want help to develop your management skills (the Level 3 program is perfect for your company)

- You are an experienced manager. You want to grow, develop new techniques and reflect on what can be improved in the way you manage teammates.

How does it work?

One to four times per month (depending on the plan you choose), we exchange ideas via Skype as part of a work session during which we discuss, plan and find solutions to help you carry out your mission as a manager.

These workshops are meticulously prepared.

This is the process we follow:

   A few days before the interview , we exchange information via email about the topics that you want to address. I can give you suggestions or we select issues you are currently facing at work.

   On the day of the interview our discussion begins with a review of the last session.

We then sequentially discuss the chosen topics.

   Shortly after the interview I send you a summary with two or three things to remember and a list of actions or mini-exercises you can do in relation to the session.

What topics can we discuss during the session?

The sessions are handcrafted to meet your current needs. If I think I won't be able to accompany you on a specific topic, I inform you before our appointment.

Here are some examples of what we can discuss:

  How to improve communication within the team

  Productivity and your working organization

  Create a virtuous culture

  Promote knowledge sharing

  Develop better reporting

  Define objectives

  Integrate new employees

  Rethink and encourage innovation

  Plan a strategy

  Help your staff grow

We can also discuss the obstacles preventing you from achieving your goals peacefully...

Or talk about your product strategy.
Leverage my experience as an entrepreneur!

When I decided to reflect and improve my management skills, I approached Grégoire.
His entrepreneurial experience and passion for team management makes Level UP a reference to discuss the problems we face as managers!

Grégoire T. - Manager at an ISP

How much does it cost?

Choose the offer that suits you the best.

Current price


per month


Once a week, we exchange emails to help you progress

No commitment.

Through this program, you progress quickly by reflecting every week on your managerial practices or growing your business.

You will complete a report template that I will provide for you.
This report contains your progress, obstacles and questions.
I will send you my analysis and keys to help you evolve.

Working regularly with someone outside the project limits the risk of dropout and loss of motivation induced by isolation.
You will enjoy sharing your progress every week!

I especially recommend it for first time managers and entrepreneurs.

Current price


per month

Level 1

Preparation of the workshop

1 work session of 45 minutes (via Skype)

Reporting and actions

Current price


per month

Level 2

Preparation of the workshops

2 work sessions of 1 hour (via Skype)

Reporting and actions

Current price


per month

Level 3

Preparation of the workshops

4 work sessions of 1 hour (via Skype)

Reporting and actions

2 phone calls besides workshops if necessary

Try it risk-free:
the first session is always without commitment!

Prices excluding VAT.

The number of places is limited. I want to give my full attention to the people I work with.

The contract can be established between your business and mine.

A specific need? A question about Level Up?
You want us to work together without going through your business?  Contact me to discuss it!

I'm interested, what's the next step?

Contact me by clicking on the "Discuss" button for the plan you're considering. We will set a date for an informal interview via Skype (15-20 minutes) to get to know each other!

Who I am

Grégoire Gilbert  

I'm Grégoire Gilbert and I'm an entrepreneur.

I am passionate about management and the importance of the human factor in the success or failure of a project.

I've been involved in the creation of several companies, which gives me this original angle.

I graduated in Management at ESSEC business school.

My end of study essay was about the Stimulation of knowledge and information sharing in business.

Managerial theories are very important. They provide a starting point. Although, every good manager builds its own, custom weapons.

I've accompanied and advised dozens of entrepreneurs, managers and executives.

Today I opened up new spots in my schedule to help you progress.

Outside my management consulting business, I create products for my company: Hornli.

I write about entrepreneurship on my blog: EntrepreneurLoop.

You can also check my Linkedin profie to learn more about my background and read some testimonials!

Level UP is a service by Nukota.